The UNC Asheville OneCard is a multipurpose card, serving as the official ID card and as an on-campus debit card. All UNC Asheville students, faculty, adjunct, staff and extended temporary employees are required to have the OneCard with them while they are on campus. If the card will be used for identification only, there is no requirement to deposit funds in the OneCard account.

OneCard Basics

What’s the difference between my student ID and OneCard?

The OneCard functions as your student ID, as well as a campus debit card (provided funds are deposited into your account).

When and where can I get my OneCard?

To maintain social distancing, the OneCard office can only accommodate two customers at a time for walk-in service.

Photos are taken for OneCard/ID in the OneCard office, 102 Highsmith Union. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Opening weekend only, we will be open Saturday, January 8, 2022, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m, and Sunday, January 9, 2022, 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

What do I need to get a OneCard?

You must be registered for classes at UNC Asheville.

Where can I use my OneCard?

You may use your OneCard in the Bookstore, Career Center, Cashier’s Office, at copiers, drama tickets, Health Services, library, meals, parking fines, recreational activities, registrar fees, and Student Activities.

How do I take care of the OneCard?

Do not punch a hole in your OneCard. Place your OneCard in a protective sleeve so it will not rub against another card and damage the surface of the magnetic stripe. Do not carry your OneCard in your pocket. Keys or change may damage the magnetic stripe or the card may bend or break, making it unusable. Never leave your OneCard or any other personal belongings such as wallets and backpacks unattended. Please do not attach your keys to your OneCard. It is an unsafe practice that can facilitate theft or violation of your privacy and possessions.

Depositing Funds

Where do I deposit money to my OneCard?

You may deposit funds in the OneCard office during office hours. No minimum deposit is required. Checks and cash are accepted. There will be a $25 returned checks fee.

How can I get funds from my financial aid, scholarship or loan to deposit into my OneCard account?

After all your university fees have been paid in full, you may go to the cashier’s office to get a check for the remaining balance left on your financial aid, scholarship or loan. After depositing this into your checking account, go to the OneCard office to make a deposit.

What is the recommended amount I should deposit on my OneCard?

It is recommended that students deposit $100 to $750 to the OneCard account to pay for copy machines, bookstore items and other purchases.

What happens to funds remaining in my OneCard Account?

Any remaining funds in the OneCard account at the end of the semester will be carried over to the next semester. Any funds over $10 left in your OneCard account after graduation will be refunded by mail. If you leave UNC Asheville before graduating, you must go to the OneCard office to request your refund. If you have any unpaid balance on your student account, these funds will be applied to that balance. The refund takes approximately 6 weeks. No refunds will be issued for account balances less than $10. It is recommended that you spend the remaining $10 before leaving the campus.

Lost Card

What do I do if I lose my OneCard?

To maintain social distancing, the OneCard office can only accommodate two customers at a time for walk-in service.

Report any lost or stolen cards to the OneCard office immediately at 828.251.6767 to protect your account. Lost cards can also be deactivated 24/7 through the OneWeb log in. Come to the OneCard office for a replacement during office hours 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. There is a $25 replacement fee. This fee is also charged for all damaged cards.

Faculty & Staff FAQ

How does the OneCard work for UNC Asheville faculty and staff?

The OneCard gives faculty and staff a method of payment and access to services campus-wide as it does for students. It serves as a campus debit card. Deposits may be made in the OneCard office or at Automatic Deposit Machine in Ramsey and the Highsmith Union next to The Copy Center.

When do faculty and staff get their photos taken for the OneCard?

New faculty and staff will receive a form from Human Resources to get their first OneCard. If you lose or damage your first OneCard, there is a replacement fee of $25. Please call the OneCard office at 828.251.6767 for more information.

Parents FAQ

How can I put money on my son or daughter’s card?

Parents can deposit funds into their son/daughter’s OneCard is by mailing a check to the OneCard Office. Make checks out to UNC Asheville and mail your check to:

UNC Asheville OneCard
120 Highsmith University Union, CPO #1260
UNC Asheville
One University Heights
Asheville, NC 28804-8501

How can I check my son or daughter’s account or account balance?

There is no way for you to check your son or daughter’s account balance unless they share that information with you. We are not legally permitted to give you that information, and your student is not legally obligated to share that information with you.

Can I have my OneCard reprinted to reflect my Preferred First Name?


Please schedule an appointment to visit the OneCard office to have your card reprinted. Note that you must first change your Preferred First Name through OnePort. Once you’ve submitted your Preferred First Name Change, please wait up to 24 hours to allow the change to reflect in our systems. We cannot change the name on your card to any value other than what is recorded in the system.

If you surrender your current OneCard at the time of reprinting with your Preferred First name, there is no charge for this service.

If you do not surrender your OneCard at the time of reprinting, the standard replacement fee applies.