To maintain social distancing, the OneCard office can only accommodate one customer at a time for walk-in service. Please email onecard@unca.edu or call 828-251-6767 with your needs and we will work to schedule an appointment.



All students, faculty and staff are issued a OneCard when they become part of UNC Asheville's campus community. Your OneCard serves as your campus ID and debit card that can be used for on-campus purchases and payments.

General funds (funds that are deposited in the OneCard office or Automatic Deposit Machines located in Highsmith and Ramsey Library) may be used at any location. These funds remain until spent, or you leave or graduate from UNC Asheville. Please note, deposits in the deposit machines is by cash only. Deposits made in the OneCard office is by cash or check only. We are unable to accept credit/debit cards for deposits.

Munch or commuter funds (funds that are purchased with meal plans or at Chartwells office) may only be used at the Dining Hall, Food Court, Ramsey Cafe and delivery from the Pizza Hut located in Oakley (after 8 p.m.) 828.274.8739. Tips cannot be taken from funds that are on your OneCard. Please have tip money available upon pizza delivery from Pizza Hut. These funds do not carry over semester to semester.

Be sure to check back for regular updates!

UNC Asheville OneCard...serving the UNC Asheville campus community for convenience and security one swipe at a time.